Bala Samskar Kendra -Sanskrit Language,Bharatiya Culture and Heritage

Sunday, 3rd April 2011 
Venue : Youth Centre, 17 Muriel Street, (cnr Burdett st),Hornsby 
Time: 1:45-3:30pm
Guest of Honour:                 Mayor Nick Berman, Hornsby shire Council mayor
Other Members present:      Mr Brij pal Singh, VHP President
                                            Mrs Akila Ramarathinam, VHP Secretary
                                            Mrs Amita Saxena, BSK Hornsby Co Ordinator
                                            Mrs Jayanthi Narayanan Sanskrit Poem Teacher
                                            Mrs Kala Rao , BSK, Liverpool Teacher
                                            Mr Pradeep Saxena - Aakash Maindwal Foundation
Commenced with Sri Brij pal Singh’s talk who welcomed the mayor and everyone else present in the hall. He explained the role of VHP in Australia and its activities and then handed it over to Smt. Akila Ramarathinam.
Akila welcomed the mayor too and briefly mentioned about the teachers and other volunteers present. She also thanked the Mayor and other members of the council for its support and encouragement towards multicultural organisations like this who work towards maintaining their individual identities, their culture and heritage, in particular VHP and its activities. The outcome of all VHP’s activities is to create a more multicultural vibrant Australian society which promotes inclusiveness, pluralism, peace and cohesiveness. On a final note, Akila thanked the Dept ofEducatiion, Community Language Programme Team and the NSW Federation of Community Language Schools and the Education Officer, Mr Alex Di Prinzio for his initiative and support. Then she requested the Mayor to say a few words.
Mayor Nick Berman thanked VHP and everyone present for the opportunity to be there and also gave his apologies for his wife and daughter not being there. He said he was a strong supporter of multiculturalism which adds to the rich culture of the Hornsby shire and values the work we do in such organisations and community gatherings. He also said the Hornsby shire council is home to a diverse range of people with diverse cultural values. Hornsby houses about 3000 people from the Indian background alone, and it is still on the rise.
He said there is a definite upward rise in the ethnic communities around the Hornsby Shire. He acknowledged the culture of Indian people saying it dated back to thousands of years ago, equivalent to the culture of the indigenous people of Australia. He thanked Smt.Akila and other members present.
He acknowledged that the school was set up not only to teach Sanskrit exclusively but to also to teach/imbibe the traditions and the cultures of India into the younger generation. He said he had been to India twice.
Smt Amita Saxena , Co Ordinator BSK Hornsby formally inaugurated the Hornsby branch by lighting the lamp with a traditional initiation pooja.
Mrs Amitha also announced that their Trust Aakash Maindwal Foundation (AMF) are happy to associate with the activities of VHP.
Popular classical vocalist and BSK teacher, Mrs Jayanthi Narayan started the class and taught the children Adi Sankara’s evergreen Sanskrit Poem Mudakaratha Modakam.
The Sanskrit language class was then introduced by Mrs Amitha , who explained the advantages of learning the ancient language at a very young age. “Incorporating a sound structure, the exceptional features of Sanskrit have been recognised for many centuries" Mrs Amitha added.
The wisdom carried by this language appeals to the West as we can see from the huge popularity of Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine, Mrs Kala, BSK Liverpool teacher added.
The children were then taught Yoga for 10 mts by Miss Tara , Youth Co ordinator HSS Australia,after which they were taken outside to play a very refreshing game which was educative, keeping them alert and on their toes whilst refreshing their mental math skills.
After the game, they came in and settled down for the Aarthi.
The inaugural event ended at 3.30pm with the kids & parents being served with juice and biscuits.