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  • Weekly and monthly assembly of youth and families to educate Hindu ways of life, its principles and practices.
  • Annual children's camp to introduce and the children and explain the principles of Hindu way of life.
  • Youth and family camps to impart basic Hindu Principle and values to Hindu families especially in the younger generation.
  • Celebrations of various Hindu festivals to emphasize the importance of the great Hindu traditions and customs of love, affection and cooperation.

Some of the accomplishments:

  • VHP is authorized by NSW Department of Education to run religious and cultural classes in Public Schools.
  • VHP is developing syllabus and teaching materials to help the volunteers who teach Hindu scripture in NSW schools.
  • VHP is also a founding member of Hindu Council of Australia, which has been organizing the annual Diwali Fair since 1999.
  • VHP organised a conference with International Centre for Cultural Studies of India (ICCS) in 2002 in which the cultural similarities between Indian and Australian Aborigines were discussed and further working relationship is being established to study the culture.