GOPIO Awards to VHP Australia Inc

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Namaskarams to all 
We are extremely delighted to announce that VHP Australia Inc, received a cash award from GOPIO Australia for VHP Australia's Veda Patasala project, Sanskrit language project and also promoting Vedic Culture and Heritage to our generation next in Australia.
Two of  the VHP Australia  executive members received community service awards for their dedicated service to the community by GOPIO on 28 th Feb 2015.   We sincerely thank GOPIO Sydney and their dedicated team members for their  continuous support and recognition. 
The GOPIO award  receipients are
Mr Subramanian Ramamoorthi  JP , President VHP Australia Inc
Mrs Saraswathi Sashi - Jt General Secretary , VHP Australia Inc.
In addition, Mr Rajesh Venkataramaiah - Preseident, SEWA International also received a community service award for his dedicated communityservice.
We congratulate the above recipients and take this opportunity to thank all other volunteers of VHP Australia and SEWA International for providing their dedicated support.  This is a great team effort from both the organizations.  Awards like these encourages the team and inspires more volunteers to come on board and provide support.  
If you like to provide your voluntary service and / or teaching scripture in NSW Public School , please contact us.