Hindu heritage inspires multiculturalism in Holroyd

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13 February 2014 – Media Release

Taking multiculturalism to another level, the Vishva Hindu Parishad of Australia’s new cultural project, funded by Holroyd City Council, is a fresh approach to learning about India’s history.

The group, based at Toongabbie Public School, has developed a culture and heritage teaching program for over 80 local volunteers to explore India’s contribution to the world including astronomy, agriculture and mathematics.

Holroyd City Council Mayor Nasr Kafrouni was joined by Councillor Lisa Lake at the program’s training and development session on Sunday January 26, also known as India’s Republic Day, for a presentation on the VHP’s upcoming activities.

Mayor Kafrouni said: “We have a good group of local groups who are very enthusiastic and are always willing to play a part in giving back to the community.

“The Vishva Hindu Parishad of Australia (VHP) wants to educate their people and younger generations to know more about their culture and values, and we believe this is a positive for multiculturalism in Holroyd.

“Holroyd is the place where community, any community you belong to, can celebrate their heritage freely because when we all come together, this City is our home.”

The grant, from Council’s Community Assistance Program (CAP), is designed to provide an avenue of support for local groups who have little opportunity of obtaining funds from other sources.

For the VHP, it was about finding new ways for teachers to educate members on history and heritage beyond their regular language and scripture classes.

“We support our community through education and development, we listen to their needs, and we engage with our clients by providing mentoring and networking opportunities,” said VHP’s General Secretary Mrs Akila Ramarathinam.

“Our program uses visuals and activities to explore India’s contribution to Australia and the world, and having the support of Council means we can really deliver on our commitment to social cohesion.”

For more information on grants and financial assistance, please contact Council’s Community Services via 9840 9840.