It was even more of an issue then as opposed to now, since surgeons did not attend medical school and the overwhelming majority of physicians considered surgery a common craft beneath their professional station. For Maturin to know even the first thing about surgery, let alone undertake and succeed at half a dozen different procedures just in viagra farmacia madrid online the first novel, is unusual in the extreme.


The founding fathers of this organisation envision the world as one family "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam". This vision is to spread the message of inter-dependence of human societies, nature and her environment - "Harmony with the Creation". This cosmic harmony depends on Dharma. Dharma means eternal and universal values for the well-being of all.


To promote activities of culture, community arts, community languages, heritage, civilization, education, aid and relief to the needy, or any other activity in the advancement of general public benefits including social, cultural and scientific research.

To promote community languages such as Vedic Sanskrit (World Intangible Cultural Heritage declared by UNESCO as "outstanding oral tradition of the world")

To promote heritage educations such as Sanskrit Language, Vedic Science, Vedic Mathematics, art and crafta