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  • Date: Jun 2013

By Parameshwara’s grace and Kanchi Acharyal’s anugraham, Vishva Hindu Parishad of Australia organized Sri Ekadasha Rudra Japam at Shri Shiv Mandir, Minto (NSW), Australia on November 13, 2011 for World Peace and Harmony.

Sydney Shiva devotees have been fortunate to witness such an event for 3 years in a row at the temple premises. On this occasion, more than 40 Rithviks participated and chanted Sri Rudram and Chamaka Anuvaakaas. More than 250 devotees witnessed the chanting event which was followed by Sri Rudra Homam and Abhishekam for Lord Shiva. Many students from Sydney Veda Patasala participated and chanted Sri Rudram.

Children from BSK, Sanskrit Language School chanted “Lingashtakam” which was very much enjoyed by the devotees.

With the blessings from His Holiness Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal of Kanchipuram and kind permission from the Shiv Mandir Management Committee, Vishva Hindu Parishad of Australia organized this event under the able guidance of the temple priests, Shri Venkatrama Sastry and Shri Lal Bahadur Mishra for promoting “Hindu Dharma” classes in NSW Public Schools.

As a token of recognition, Shri Ganesha Lingam, member of the Management Committee honored Shri Brij Pal Singh, President of Vishva Hindu Parishad of Australia.

The event was further enlightened with the visit and short speech by Shri Chamu Krishna Shastry, the co-founder and Director of the Samskrita Bharati movement, which is aiming to make Sanskrit popular across the world. Sri Chamu Krishna Sastry was honored by Shri Jagdish Chawla, member of the Shiv Mandir Management Committee.

Kanchi Mutt photos and temple prasadam were distributed to all the Rithviks and sponsors. The management committee members of the Shiv Mandir were very pleased with outcome and requested Vishva Hindu Parishad of Australia to hold it as an annual event.

The organizers consisting of Vishva Hindu Parishad of Australia volunteers, the temple priest Shri Venkatrama Sastry, Shri Lal Bahadur Mishra, and devotees Shri Rajan and Shri Ramarathinam thank everyone who participated and provided services at the event.

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