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  • Date: Feb 2013

From the 16th to the 20th of January, we were blessed once again with the presence of Sanskrit scholar Sri Vasuvaj Ji at Sydney West Multicultural Services, Blacktown , and 1 Horwood Place ,Migrant Resource Center , Parramatta, allowing us to continue with our studies of the Sanskrit language. By immersing us in Sanskrit, in his highly entertaining and stimulating lessons, Sri Vasuvaj Ji has managed to effectively progress us from ‘prekindergarten’to ‘kindergarten’ in around five days.

Both the venues are very convenient and our sincere thanks to all the staff for their kind support during our studies in their venue.

Vasuvaj Ji taught us how to construct sentences, introduce and ask questions, all in Sanskrit and advised us not to think in English, but to think in our mother tongues-as all Indian languages are similar. Although initially, it was difficult to follow all of what Sri Vasuvaj Ji was saying in Sanskrit and by the last day, though it was a challenging at times, there was a marked improvement in my ability to converse in the Sanskrit language. This is undoubtedly due to the constant exposure to Sanskrit in Vasuvaj Ji’s classes as mentioned earlier.

In the last hour of every lesson, Vasuvaj Ji would ask us to perform a play (natakam), enabling us to develop our ability to speak and understand the language as the plays had to be written and performed only in the Sanskrit language. These plays also helped to extend our general vocabulary. Everyone was encouraged to participate even those who had not yet started school. The plays were just one of the many ways Sri Vasuvaj Ji made his classes so interesting and educational and at the same time incredibly fun and interactive. Everyone enjoyed writing and performing these plays and they were definitely my favourite part of each session.

We all felt very blessed and favoured to be given this opportunity to be taught the language by such a learned Sanskrit scholar as Sri Vasuvaj Ji and we appreciate all the time and effort he took to plan these amazing lessons and to come all the way to Sydney from his home in India. We are also very grateful to VHP Australia Inc for organising such events. I feel I have progressed further in Sanskrit, during these past five days, than I have progressed in German after an entire term! We have all enjoyed this opportunity tremendously and sincerely hope Sri Vasuvaj Ji will be able to grace us once again with his WWW.VHP.ORG.AU

presence next year. Atha Samskritam mama priya bhasha asthi! (After this, my favourite language is Sanskrit)

‘Without the study of Samskrit, one cannot become a true Indian and a true learned man.’ (Mahatma Gandhi)

Samskrita Bharati is a volunteer- driven non-profit organisation working to bring Samskritam back as a daily living language. Started in 1981 in Bengaluru, India, now Samskrita Bharati has presence in many countries including INDIA, USA, UK, Australia and UAE

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